5 Tips to Drive & Increase Awareness for your Video Campaign

When creating a video for a cause or charity campaign, it’s important to consider all the different aspects of the video and how they will capture the attention of the audience.

We all have things we like and dislike about different campaigns, but what exactly engages awareness and drives people to respond to a cause or charity video?

Here are five tips which should make for an excellent cause or charity video:

  1. Understand your audience

Girls in poverty is not a cause that immediately comes to mind when thinking about all the issues faced by third world countries, but The Girl Effect’s campaign has managed to garner more than 1.8 million views on its video, “The Girl Effect: The Clock is Ticking”. The video itself is a simple motion graphics campaign that uses very simple four colour motion graphics with a strong opening line: “We have a situation on our hands” coupled with an emotive and driving music track to capture the attention of its audience.

By personalising the problem up front and making the audience take ownership of the problem you are engaged up front. Then by following this statement with an engaging and emotionally charged narrative the audience is driven to respond.

Find out more about the Girl Effect Here

  1. Have a strong narrative

Having a consistent tone of voice throughout a video from all participants allows for the personal story of an entire community to be shared. In this video we produced for Kingston City Council different community members from the City of Kingston all tell a piece of the story, allowing us to see that solving violence against women in their community is something that everyone needs to take ownership of.

Find out more about the draw the line campaign here

  1. Make the video a good conversation starter

In order to spread your message, you need to be presenting content which viewers want to talk about. Be it word of mouth marketing around a water cooler, or shares on social media, people need to be telling others about your campaign particularly if you’re looking to raise awareness. The First World Problems video from Water is Life played upon a commonly seen Twitter hashtag and made a video that was quickly shared around the web.

Find out more about the Gift of Water here

  1. Use facts and statistics powerfully

Many charity campaigns are supported by hard-hitting facts and statistics which, when used appropriately, can have a huge impact in videos. Water Aid combined shocking facts with emotive music and personal stories to encourage viewers to support their cause.

The statement ‘In Malawi, one in eight children will die before their fifth birthday’ appears on a black screen before positive facts about matched donations and viewers’ support could help the charity reach more people.

No voice is ever heard in the video, yet so much is said through the simple use of the words on screen and the accompany clips of people’s lives in Malawi.

Find out more about Water Aid here

  1. Creating an emotional connection

It should go without saying that a cause or charity video has got to make people want to support the cause and to do that they really have to form a connection with the videos story.

One way of doing this is to connect your audience to experiences they can relate to that in turn relate to the cause you want them to engage with.

Here is an example we produced for Jewish Care’s Cents For Senses Campaign. It’s an incredibly simple video designed to initial drive audience engagement through sensory experiences that many viewers could relate to: Sound, Taste, Sight, Smell and Touch and then drive home the message of how a sensory room for children with disability can help engage their senses.

Contribute to the Cents for Senses Campaign here

If you follow these tips while developing your video content and find film makers who can share your voice and generate a genuinely emotional campaign, you’ll find the response you get for your next campaign will be dramatically increase.

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