Meet MODA- A New Directors Collective for Branded Content

Exciting news! You may have recently heard that we have expanded our business offering to now include a new director’s collective designed to target agencies for TVC and Branded Content work, via a new offshoot company we have named Moda.

Moda’s Executive Producer is Thomas Elliott who has been involved with Creativa Video Production since early last year and has shepherded the development of the new business from its inception. Moda have already signed a roster of eight directors each with their own unique visual and storytelling style, with a mixture of large scale international campaigns and quirky local campaigns under their belts. Take a look at Moda’s Directors showreel below:

When speaking about Moda and how it will be different to the other Production Houses currently vying for agencies attentions, Thomas says, “Moda will be a totally unique offering in the landscape for agencies to choose from. While all our directors are locals many of them have spent more of their time over the last few years working more internationally than they have at home and I think from that experience they bring a unique global perspective on brands and brand related storytelling which is going to excite agencies and their clients”.

We have always focused on providing innovative solutions to our clients in the space that we work in- so we look forward to Moda offering its own version of innovation to agencies and their clients for many years to come!

To learn more about Moda please contact us – all details are on the website:

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