According to the Adap.TV and Digiday State of the Industry Report released recently, an overwhelming number of video buyers now say they see online video as an essential complement to television, this synergy (however) appears to make them more likely to transfer their TV budget to online video in the coming year.”

It’s interesting to note that there has been a 44% rise in buyers who openly stated that they were shifting their budgets from TV to fund online video spending. When you add the fact that almost every category has found a way to employ online video in its marketing, it’s easy to see that Online Video offers some pretty exciting opportunities.

Partly in response to this shift but also in an effort to offer greater transparency, the introduction of Audience guarantees has been met with mixed reviews.

So where do we go from here?

In the next 12 months there is an overwhelming sense that online video will become more targeted, and partly thanks to the work currently underway at YouTube, it appears that an increasing amount of it will be mobile. When asked What’s the biggest change you anticipate in online video advertising over the next 12 months?Advertisers responses were distilled and collated into the word cloud below:

We would love to hear your thoughts on the changes and challenges in web video and if any of this resonates directly regarding how you currently use web video or plan to in the future.

All graphs and information in this blog have been leveraged from the Adap.TV and Digiday State of the Industry Survey Q1 2013:

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