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As you will see when you watch the video below, sometimes there is no need to talk to convey a message with Video. Kinetic Text allows us to communicate directly with our customers without concerning ourselves with the tone of voice, accent or gender of a spokesperson. Kinetic text also raises the level of engagement by introducing active interaction (viewers must read to get the message). It is only a short step from here to your call to action and while they are engaged why not ask them for their email address or contact details?

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  • Delia says:

    Excellent video. I’m trying to put together a website telling people how many mistakes happen in the health system, and suggesting the best places (and worst) to go for cancer treatments. Simple clear video’s can promote subliminal messages that speak clearly and minimise potential legal problems. Many community groups have the same issues as small business. Small budget, big message, fear of treading on powerful toes.

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