11 Tips for a Kick-ass Video Marketing Strategy

January 18, 2017
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By this point, we all know that ignoring the power of video communication is a no-no for any business who wants to get their message out. Video is clearly here to stay. In fact, Tubular Insights says video will make up 79 percent of world-wide internet use by 2020. Wow!
Yet, even expert communicators sometimes struggle to know how to best use video to reach their goals. Here are 11 ways to stay on target.

  1. Do your homework. By researching your goals and getting advice, you’ll up your chances for success.
  2. Check your competition. If your competitors are using video, what are they doing well, or what could be improved upon?
  3. No idea is too crazy at this phase—this is where you find a rough outline of your message, visuals, voice and more.
  4. Tell your tale. Did you know stories are 22 times easier to remember than basic facts? It’s true, according to Stanford Marketing Professor Jennifer Aker. If you want people to retain your message, give them an engrossing story.
  5. Simplify, simplify, simplify. A great strength of video communication is that it can take complicated information and make it easier to grasp.
  6. Connect on an emotional level. Why should people care about your brand? What makes you different? Communicate your values and what makes you you.
  7. Personalise for power. Personalised videos—which incorporate the viewers name and other information—grab attention in a way that nothing else can. Consider reaching your audience on an individual level.
  8. Think big. Videos can reach your audience every step of the way, from peaking their interest to explaining why they should choose you to retaining them as existing customers. The possibilities are endless!
  9. Short and Sweet. Attention spans are getting smaller by the day! You’ll get the biggest impact if you compress your message into a few minutes or less.
  10. Aim for a response. A call to action message gives your audience—who’s just become very interested in what you have to say—a way to reach you for more information.
  11. Strategise wisely. As effective as video is as a marketing tool, no tool can do its job without smart guidance. Map out which objectives you wish to achieve.

Still looking for more inspiration? Check out this innovative video for Ansell Healthcare.
For more great clips like this one or to find out how Creativa crafts kick-ass videos, visit our Interactive Videos and Personalised Videos, and find out about our other production too.

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