2 Great examples of training videos that won't put you to sleep

September 24, 2013
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Video Training is powerful. There’s no doubt it is one of the strongest channels for educating a large number of people again and again, which is why many organisations choose training videos to educate their employees on different matters.
So many types of training videos
From safety training videos to software training videos to new staff induction videos to product training videos, there is no end to the use of training videos. We’ve probably all watched one at one point or another and pretty soon felt our eyelids growing heavy. Typically the content is as dry as an old biscuit AND poorly produced..
The below induction video for a gym we think is a little on the dull side and is the likely outcome of an amateur production. Later you will see an induction video we did for a Tafe institute. We encourage you to compare the two.
It doesn’t have to be this way
Fortunately, there are plenty of great examples of training videos. Humorous, entertaining and well-produced videos make learning more enjoyable. With the below induction video for NMIT we added a playful, less serious element using sketch animation. What begins as a typical training video has a sudden twist which grabs viewers’ attention. Animation gives a light-hearted feel to a serious topic and can be more effective in communicating than standard video. Through wit, humor and interesting twists you can address important issue and still get a strong message across, and no matter how old your viewer is cartoons will still connect with it.

With the below training videos we help produce for Betfair they wanted to educate their audience, (online punters) while engaging and entertaining them in a way suited to their brand. It’s light hearted, but again still gets a strong message across.

So what’s the trick?
The trick is firstly to know clearly the educational message you want to communicate. Consider writing this down in a step-by-step format. Then you need script-writers and producers who know how to engage an audience. Of course the videos have to suit the brand so the style and tone will differ depending on the company. Using a professional production company such as Creativa with lots of experience in producing entertaining training videos you will get a result you are proud of which can used for a long time to come, and most importantly, a video people will actually engage with. That’s the whole point right?

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