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Clients Videos and their stories..

By | Corporate Video Production

Dynamic, simple and cool beat to the music… This video for Refugee Women in Oz is simple but effective, synchronising music with visuals to make an eye catching piece which…

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Are American Web Videos any good? No, they’re F***ng Great -Blog-

By | Animation Studio Melbourne

This is a great Video from the US that you may have seen doing the rounds on social media. But why is this so effective? This simple video cost just…

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Cool Video of the Month What's Up April

By | Animation Studio Melbourne

Imagine a world where money wasn’t a consideration and you are approached by the renowned jeweller Cartier who says we want to make a 3 and a half minute film…

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What does a Murder, MTV and YouTube have in common? and how it can benefit your business…. -Blog-

By | Online Video Marketing

How many of you remember when MTV started? Back then it was hard to imagine a whole TV show about music videos. Does anyone remember the song that they chose…

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