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Ever heard of drone cameras, and how can they give you the best footage ever?

By | Video Production Melbourne

  It’s A Bird… It’s A Plane… It’s Superman… No, actually, it’s a Drone camera! They may not be here to save us from all that’s evil in the world,…

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What is a Green Screen Studio? And why Green?

By | Video Production Melbourne

What do the movie Sin City; countless Britney Spears video clips; your favourite televised weather forecast broadcast; and a 2011 ‘controversial’ video speech by US president Barack Obama all have…

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How a Teleprompter can make your next video production a breeze

By | Video Production

The opening scene is a recurring one. There you are, watching TV, when a hot new politician appears in front of you, about to deliver the speech of a lifetime….

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Find the best way to measure your video results

By | Corporate Video Production

As online video experts, we’re often asked about metrics to measure the effectiveness of videos. Let’s face it, as web video it is still an infant industry and everyone is…

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Kinetic Videos: Making sure the energy is just right

By | Animation Studio Melbourne

Have you ever found yourself watching and becoming so absorbed in a video which consisted mainly of moving typography, that you viewed the video all the way from start to…

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