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Why Videos Go Viral

By | Animation Studio Melbourne

Viral videos – we all hear about them, we all watch them, and many of us wish we had one. YouTube is a quick and cheap method of getting a…

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The most shared YouTube ads for February 2014

By | Corporate Video Production

The year is still young and fresh, but YouTube has already provided the goods with some memorable ads that use a variety of interesting and innovative tactics to keep us…

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YouTube beats Facebook: Is this a sign of things to come?

By | Video Production Melbourne

People dont even ask what the most popular social media platform is as most assume that its Facebook, hands down. However, recent stats have shown signs that Mark Zuckerberg’s brainchild…

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Producing Videos For Things That Don't Yet Exist

By | Cool Videos Video Production

Myth: You can’t produce a video for something that doesn’t yet exist.. right? Answer: Wrong. It so happens that videos are produced all the time for things that don’t yet…

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What is a Video Brochure and why it will stop prospects in their tracks

By | Online Video Marketing Video Production

Print and video are the most effective mediums for driving sales, increasing brand awareness and yielding high conversion rates – no matter what business you’re in these tools will always…

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