2016 CXO Leaders Summit

June 22, 2016
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Creativa_logo-SpeechBubble CXO, Here We Come!

At Creativa, we believe that part of staying on top of your game is participating in opportunities for growth—rich experiences that challenge you and encourage you to evolve. Creativa recently encountered one of those too-good-to-miss chances: Participating in the 2016 CXO Leaders Summit. Who could pass up a chance like this? Definitely not us.
We couldn’t be happier to act as sponsors for the event, and August (when the Summit will take place in Sydney) can’t come soon enough! As sponsors, we’ll give seven one-on-one presentations about personalised videos. If you’re not familiar with PVs, definitely check them out—it’s pretty amazing stuff. We think this will be an interesting—not to mention, extremely useful—topic for businesses that are looking to improve engagement with their members, clients, patients and students.
As much as we’re looking forward to sharing our video production experience and hopefully shedding new light on effective and innovative ways businesses can use PVs, we’re also expecting to gain new insights we can bring home to Creativa. The CXO Leaders Summit is an event like no other—packed with a dynamic array of corporate leaders across many business sectors. Invitation only, it’s a huge honour to attend. We’re not sure yet what we’ll encounter, but with the elite talent CXO attracts, we know we’re in for a treat.

This year’s line-up of speakers is extremely strong,
and we look forward to being in the company of the following:


So let the countdown begin! Sponsoring the CXO Leaders Summit is a chance to be a part of what makes industry great: learning from one another, exchanging exciting new ideas, making connections, and helping one another grow. Immersion in an atmosphere like CXO can be the spark that lights a path you never expected.
You can follow our preparations for the 2016 CXO Leaders summit by connecting with us on social media or subscribing to our newsletter.  We’d love to hear your feedback. What do you think we should bring to the table at CXO? What should we be hoping to learn?

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