3 Examples of Storytelling through Motion Graphics Videos

May 22, 2015
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Everyone has a story to tell and choosing an animated video as a marketing tool is one of the best ways to communicate with your target audience. One style of animation that is extremely popular through branding and advertising is Motion Graphics Video Production – where you effectively tell your story or message ‘in motion’.

Motion Graphics videos are built to be engaging, informative and easy to watch, combining moving images, text, animation and music to explain a message, promote a service or to tell a story. The simplicity of presenting short amounts of text matched with engaging descriptive images – effectively paints a visual picture in the eye of the viewer – no lengthy explanation or narration required. Voice Over is often used but a motion piece does not depend on it.

This video we recently produced for Core DNA is a great example an engaging motion piece. The video tells the story in under 1 minute, keeping to the most important key factors and points, and not over-complicating the message. It works because it is easy to watch – the use of  smooth transitions keeping the circle shape as a primary focus, clean graphics, a limited colour palette, means the viewer cannot get lost or fail to keep up with the information.

Core DNA

Motion Graphics videos condense a great deal of information into a short and visually appealing presentation. Keeping the video length relatively brief communicates the information simply and effectively – the fluid transitions and motion telling the story in a way that seems effortless. A well executed video will produce results when the video conveys content that is shareable, visual, easily interpreted, and delivers the information by leading, and taking, the audience on a visual journey.

Below are a few examples of past Motion Graphic videos we’ve worked on. To see more recent work, go here.

SAI Global

Encompass Corporation

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