3 Great examples of explainer videos and why you need one on your website

November 19, 2013
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What is an explainer video?

If you are a business looking to build your client base and further promote your product or services, then you may want to consider an explainer video. The concept itself is rather self-explanatory – an explainer video is designed to explain something, but what that something is depends entirely on you and your business. Many businesses use explainer videos to let new customers know who they are, how they like to do business and to show their ‘story.’ They can also be used to introduce new products, or give important details about a specific service.
Explainer videos are created with the intention of capturing a customer’s interest, as people tend to spend very little time on a website before becoming distracted or jumping from site to site. This is what makes explainer videos a much more effective option for holding a person’s attention, rather than paragraphs upon paragraphs of text. It’s a fact that when faced with large quantities of text, most people simply tend to skip over it, which can make your customers look somewhere else for the product or service you offer. To prevent this happening, an explainer video is key to keeping customers engaged on your website.
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What makes a good explainer video?
When you are planning on using an explainer video for your website, keep in mind that it will be the first impression a potential customer receives of your business, so it must fulfil certain requirements that aim to make it perfect.
A great explainer video must be short, no longer than 1-2 minutes, because after that time, potential customers will start to lose patience and may simply navigate away from your site. It must also be straightforward and to the point, and the subject must be approached quickly and concisely. When people visit your website, they have questions, so make sure your video gives them the exact answer they seek. An explainer video should be used to solve your potential customer’s problems, which means that they won’t need to research your competition.
Last, but not least, explainer videos must be attractive and entertaining. Don’t be afraid to use a little comedy and humour, not only does it keep viewers watching, but also creates good brand rapport. Well executed comedy can also relax a potential customer, which in turn will their mind to the new services, ideas, solutions, or products you are presenting, allowing you to break down those psychological barriers between your prospect and the sale.
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Why do you need an explainer video for your website?
The answer to this question is simple: You need an explainer video for your website to pique your customer’s interest in what you have to offer. Once you have done so, its less likely a person will navigate away from your site without attempting to find out more about your business. This is the main point that makes explainer videos conducive to a higher number of sales.
Explainer videos also give you the chance to transmit a message directly to your client, as if you were doing it face to face. It is a more personal way of presenting your products and services, as the viewer feels you are taking the time to explain it to them and nobody else. This allows for potential customers to feel more relaxed and confident about your offering, and it saves them the time and effort it would take to read any sort of written explanation.
Finally, nothing works better than a physical demonstration of how your business or product works. It gives them the impression that you know what you are doing. Anybody can type up an instruction booklet, but a demonstration will always be more effective at achieving the goal you have set, which, in the case of your business, is very likely to be an increase of your sales. So if you are looking to increase sales, generate more interest and awareness, or are simply looking to further promote your business through marketing – an explainer video should be at the very top of your list.
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