3 Great Examples of Non for Profit’s Using Video Wrap up Campaigns

June 16, 2015
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Video is a great medium for any organisation launching a campaign, whether it be to raise awareness, money or support. The more people who connect with the video and the message that is delivered, the more people will share and talk about the video with their friends and family. Donations may be the end goal, but to get there you need to engage the audience and move them in an emotional and personal way, inspiring them to connect with your charity and campaign and to get involved in any way they can.

Just as a non-profit video marketing campaign can be great for launching a major fundraising campaign, it can also be perfect for ending the campaign and sharing the success and results with those who have supported the cause. For targeted campaigns with an end goal, a wrap-up video is giving something back to thank everyone who has participated. It also keeps the charity in the mind of the viewer, who will probably continue to support the cause and future campaigns.

Here are 3 great examples of successful organisations who have shared and thanked their supporters by showing where the raised money has gone and how it has helped those in need.

Charity: Water – The 2011 September Campaign: Our 5-year-Anniversary video

Every September charity: water launches a yearly fundraising campaign and part of this campaign is a video inspiring others to get involved. In this 2011 campaign video, the founder Scott Harrison delivered the message directly and honestly from the heart, and tangibly shows exactly what the focus of the campaign is, and where the raised money will go.

This video works because it combines the successes the charity has achieved over the past 5 years and explains why and how the new campaign will change lives. Using the company founder as the spokesperson gives an insight into the passion and dedication Scott Harrison has, which allows the viewer to feel a human, emotional connection to this person and his cause.

Invisible Children – “25” Recap Video

This video from Invisible Children was made to thank their supporters following the massively successful “25″ campaign. Invisible Children launched the KONY  2012 video about LRA rebel group leader and war criminal Joseph Kony and the terror and destruction he had reined over to Africa for 25 years. The ‘experiment’ led to KONY 2012 to become the fastest growing viral video of it’s time and over 3.7 million people pledging to have Kony arrested.

The ‘”25″ campaign asked people to stay silent for an entire 25 hours to mark the anticipated end of 25 years of war, This video gives a great sense of achievement and accomplishment, as well as leaving the viewer inspired and motivated to take part and continue to support the charity. When people can actually see the difference they are making, it certainly affects how they feel about donating.

Tomorrow’s Youth Organisation – Raising Islam

Donating to a cause makes us all feel good, but what about the emotional level the impact of your donation is having. This video from Tomorrow’s Youth Organization shares the story of a young, troubled boy and beautifully demonstrates how the organisation has dramatically improved the life and future of this boy and his family. Video can help link the emotional gap, and allow you to feel connected and positive that your support is making a big difference.

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