3 Killer product demo video examples

January 15, 2014
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Every business has a story to tell. However, often that story can be told better with video than with words and pictures. A product demonstration video can help you tell your story, and educate and entertain your customers at the same time. Video makes it easy to visually demonstrate your product and its benefits.

The power of product demo videos

Your customers will not only learn how to use your product but they will also start to see how the product can potentially improve their own lives. A product demo video is right for any business – large or small – that wants to capture their prospects interest to help drive sales.

Video is the most powerful, high-impact and influential form of media we know today. And Australians are crazy about it. According to the Social Media News, 11.5 million Australians frequent YouTube and it’s the second-most popular search engine, behind only Google.

As online video consumption in our country continues to grow, a product demo video should be a cornerstone of your content marketing strategy. A dynamic, engaging product demonstration video will help your business stand out in the marketplace.

Some of the benefits of a product demonstration video:

  1. Promote your product
  2. Explain who you are and what your product does
  3. Educate and enlighten your customers
  4. Highlight your competitive strengths
  5. Increase your conversion rates
  6. Attract investors

You can put your product in action, like we did for AAA Packaging. The customer sees the packaging system and we lay out its economic, efficiency and safety benefits, positioning it as a cost-saving measure for any business.

Capture your customers’ attention

Video works exceptionally well for unique products or products that are best explained visually and ‘in action’. Your product should be the focal point of the demonstration video, exhibiting its best features and engaging your target audience.
That’s what we had in mind when we created this demo for plant-watering system Moisture Matic. We give the prospect an opportunity to see exactly how the product works and how to set up and use the Moisture Matic system correctly.

Don’t just tell your story, show it

A product demo video works well for a variety of businesses – such as software companies that want to demonstrate a new application; a bank or financial institution that needs to walk customers through a new mobile app, or a home builder who wants to promote new model designs.

A college could use a demo video to recruit new students, or a ski resort could show snowboarders getting big air to entice new visitors. A cleaning product could establish its competitive advantage with a side-by-side demonstration of similar cleaners.

A product demo video could even be an invaluable tool for non-profits that need to encourage donations, involvement and investment. There are endless opportunities as to how this style of video can increase your customer base, conversions and sales.

Product demo videos are designed to keep your audience engaged through the purchase funnel and turn them into customers. Safety Dave, for whom we produced this product demo video, saw his conversion rates skyrocket! Through Google and YouTube this video was targetting people we knew were interested in purchasing his reverse camera for their car and this video showed them how to install one and directed traffic to his website.

A video done well

Australians are bombarded with ads, wherever they go. They face TV commercials, billboards and popups on their web browsers. They need more than a 30-second sales pitch to turn them in customers.

A product demonstration video puts the product at centre stage, presenting the unique nature of the product. You can include explanations of features, functionality, technical specifications, competitive comparisons and the benefits your product provides. When done right, the video can help your sales figures move upwards.

And once you embed the video on your website and upload it to YouTube, the opportunities to showcase your video to the world increase dramatically through search engines such as YouTube & Google. You can also take your video on the road, using it promote your product at trade shows, conferences, seminars and sales meetings.

A high-quality product demo video makes you look professional, showcases your product and educates your customers, bringing them closer to a sale. It’s a great way to leave a lasting impression – and we all want to do that right?

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