How a 3-Minute Video Went Viral, Increased Sales and Traffic by 14,000% In Just Two Weeks

How a 3 minute video went viral - Creativa Videos
How a 3 minute video went viral - Creativa Videos
May 8, 2014
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WREN, a thriving but relatively niche clothing and accessories brand based out of LA, has always tried to push the boundaries by using the latest marketing techniques. As such, videos have long been a mainstay of the company’s online strategy. And while the company has had excellent ROI from previous campaigns, they can still only be called successful in fashion circles alone.

‘First Kiss’, WREN’s latest sojourn in the video marketing world, changed all that. Released on March 10 2014, it’s one of the most talked about YouTube releases in recent memory.

So just how successful are we talking? Let’s just say that if you’re looking for an archetypal example of a viral video, you’ve found it. While WREN was expecting a bit of traction at the time of release, the actual results were beyond anything they could have imagined.

And before you think we’ve made a glaring error in our copy ‘ we didn’t. Yes, 14-thousand’per cent increase!

WREN’S ‘First Kiss’


Melissa Coker: Founder’s Jaw is Still on Floor

The driving force behind the video is Melissa Coker, founder as well as creative director of WREN. She’s been shocked by the success, calling the period ‘surreal’ and ‘amazing’.

What’s been particularly exciting to see is the sheer number of parodies that have been created, further driving brand awareness and interest in the original. It shows that if you create something that’s worth sharing, you can sit back and let the results come back to you on autopilot.

Check out ‘First Lick,’ just one of the many parodies taken from ‘First Kiss”


WREN saw an incredible increase in sales and traffic numbering close to 14,000% in just the first two weeks. 96% of visitors were completely new to the website and had never heard of the brand prior to the video’s release. And while numbers haven’t stayed at stratospheric levels, they haven’t ground down to a halt either. Over a month after the video was launched, we’re still talking an increase of over 7-thousand per cent in terms of traffic.

The Nitty Gritty Numbers

So how many views and shares does it take to drive up traffic by 14,000%? Let’s take a look.

81.2 Million YouTube Views

‘First Kiss’ was launched on YouTube at the start of March earlier this year and the results are nothing short of epic. Over 80 million views (and counting), 387-thousand + likes, and over 50-thousand comments have made this video an unparalleled success.

1,392,296 Facebook Shares

And don’t assume that the accomplishment was limited to the original launch platform. ‘First Kiss’ was also a huge hit on Facebook, with almost 1.5 million shares guaranteeing a spot in many a newsfeeds.

68,740 Twitter Shares

With Twitter being notoriously stingy on video success (images tend to fare better), ‘First Kiss’ nevertheless saw a healthy dosage of Twitter shares ‘ and when you get anywhere in the thousands on this social platform, you know you’ve got a winner.

How You Can Do It Too

While many people simply think that this was all coincidence and that it takes a little bit of magic combined with pure luck to get results, the truth is the polar opposite of this. Yes, it’s impossible to guarantee such ridiculous figures as with ‘First Kiss’, but it’s nevertheless realistic to generate a very healthy ROI each and every time a video is released.

The key is to create something that is relatable, that on which an audience can think ‘ah, that’s me’. The DeGeneres and Cooper Oscar selfie campaign by Samsung (yes, it was a deliberate campaign!) exemplifies this ‘ after all, who hasn’t taken a selfie?

And while this creative thinking may seem a little beyond your scope, it’s not impossible. We’ve worked with clients in all sorts of fields, including the so-called ‘boring’ ones. What we’ve found is that a dose of imagination can turn even the most routine into something worth sharing by the average punter.

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