3 Tech Companies That Know How to Use Product Demo Videos

October 8, 2014
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Product demo videos are all the rage with up-and-coming start-ups and techie companies. They’re seen as cool, innovative, and effective. But the dirty little secret is that not many get it right.
Product demonstration videos should not only put the product at the forefront, but also do so with enough pizazz to keep the viewer interested. It needs to effectively deliver a complex message in a short timeframe and in a language the layman understands. It’s not as easy as it looks.
To give you a splash of inspiration, we’ve compiled a top 3 of companies that not only implement product demo videos as part of their strategies, but do so with aplomb.


As a company that operates entirely online, it’s no surprise that Shopify has graced YouTube and Vimeo with a collection of product demo videos that show off the company’s wares. From full-on tutorials to quick demonstrations of what’s under the hood, Shopify does an excellent job at integrating the product demo video into their campaigns.
In this particular example we’ve chosen (though there are many more), Shopify ‘translates’ the complicated jargon you see spewed out by other tech companies into something that’s a little easier to understand. Shopify doesn’t go into the technical detail, but rather demonstrates how the product works on the customer’s terms. In other words, you’re shown how you can set up a store quickly and easily without any technical knowledge.
The video takes away the fear we often have when signing up to an online service. The worries about our technical ineptitude are taken away. The concern that we’ll need to employ expensive third-party developers is eradicated through a simple demo of how the software works. In fact, you can have a store up and running in just minutes.


New apps are a little difficult to understand, particularly if the angle on the concept is entirely different to what we’re used to. That’s where product demo videos can really shine, as through a simple demonstration, all of the confusion is taken away. And Duolingo achieves just that with its jazzy vid that demonstrates how you can learn a new language while contributing your own building block to the world’s house of knowledge.
Just like Shopify, Duolingo manages to explain a complex algorithm in a way that won’t leave the Average Joe’s head spinning. Through attractive animation, demonstration of how the software works, and a clear voiceover, you finish the video feeling excited about joining the community and learning a new language.


Ember is a critically acclaimed app created by Realmac, a small independent studio focusing on Apple software. To show off their new flagship product, the company decided to put the focus squarely on demonstrating it being used live.
Ember’s video shows three individuals using the application, all in distinct settings. You see the actual product being used live, no visual representations or enhanced graphics. It’s the real thing right in front of you, easy to use and visually captivating.
What we really liked Ember’s product demo video is how the company showed people from all walks of life using the application. By showing individuals such as fashion bloggers and designers, you get a snapshot of how you can use Ember in your own life. And it’s that breadth of use that sets the application apart, which they show off magnificently in their product demo.

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