4 Corporate Brands That Created Killer Videos (And Why They Are Working)

December 10, 2016
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Video and video marketing is an exciting industry to be in at the moment. It’s experienced some great growth this year and businesses are just now tapping into the power of video in communicating important messages about brands, culture and their offerings to their customers. Video marketing is set to grow massively in 2017 as social media makes it the norm and companies try to communicate with customers.
In this post, I’ve done a roundup of 4 fantastic brand videos which are effective at communicating what they’re all about. The core of these videos is; using emotions to relate to the audience, storytelling, music and great visuals.
Clubs at the University of Adelaide

As any new student will tell you, starting at a new school never gets easier no matter how old you are. In this video, the University of Adelaide is promoting its extracurricular clubs to new, prospective and existing students. By using real students engaged in activities, the university is likely to boost student numbers at these activities while promoting the social aspect of being a student at their university. Why it works: it uses real students to promote a sense of community, the music is powerful and suits the uplifting tone of the video and the diversity of the clubs shows there’s something for everyone.
NAB – More than Money – “Life”
It’s not that common to think of a bank as having a human side but NAB has successfully ‘humanised their brand’ in this video by showing the viewer they’re your partner for a lifetime, also going through the different cycles with you and your family. Using regular people doing everyday activities adds to its appeal. They decide to start with a shot of a baby and, who doesn’t like to watch cute babies in a video? It also shows the whole range of emotions parents often feel while bringing up their children helping their audience identify with them.
Their biggest success point is telling a story, their customer’s story instead of what the bank offers and then binding it with their motto.
Product videos: make a story around your product
Many companies which sell products often focus on sharing their product features and benefits which can be boring and may put off some customers. What works better, and that’s what brands are doing is making their product part of a story. The two examples below are, LSTN that sells headphones and donates part of the proceeds to restoring hearing and GoPro which shows how firemen used its product to rescue a kitten. Both these companies have appealed to the emotional side of their audience and ensured that their product becomes synonymous with their brand values. You’ll note the features of the products are being shown as part of a feel-good story, and everyone remembers those when it comes time to buy a product.

Success of Galaxy S7: Why?
Samsung uses humour to explain the pain points of everyday customers, uses celebrities in an endorsement of its phone and showing that Samsung’s new phone meets all needs. Of course Samsung has a big budget but still the video is nicely executed and gets the point across clearly about the phone’s features.
I hope you enjoyed these videos, remember a memorable video is one that uses storytelling to maximum effect and these videos are doing just that. What’s the most memorable video you’ve ever seen?

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