Four-ish Different Styles of Animations – Watch examples by Creativa

August 1, 2013
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Sketch Animation or Scribe Animation:

There are many different styles of Sketch, Scribe,or Whiteboard animations. The one below was produced electronically and incorporates some minor animated movements & does not include Hand tracking.

Motion Graphics Animation:

This style of animations are great for info-graphics, corporate videos, video reports, and as in the video below as an explainer video.

3D Animation:

Well.. we all know that 3D animations can look awesome., but they are also more sophisticated and time consuming to produce.
However, I am sure that In this case you would agree that this cute and engaging short Christmas message was totally worth it.

Cartoon Animation:

Frame by Frame, cartoon animations can tell stories like no other type can: engaging, cute, creative and particularly unexpected in corporate communications.
What could be better than cartoon animations to engage and communicate “attention challenging” topics, right?

Mixed Animation:

Not everything is black and white. In animations, we sometimes mixed it up a bit to get the best of all worlds… Cartoon, motion, real footage and sketches can be mixed to communicate a message effectively. Here are some “mixed” examples:

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