5 Different Video Ideas To Spend Your Leftover Budget On

December 10, 2016
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We are fast approaching the end of 2016 and like most companies, you and your team have probably had a good look at your budget and what’s left of it. Like most corporate departments, you’ve realised there’s a portion – maybe even a good portion remaining that needs to be spent before 2017 rolls around.
Now, you could spend this budget anyway you like. Buy some extra print collateral you won’t use or more stationery (everyone loves an end of year stationery spend, right?). But what you can do is spend your leftover budget on something beneficial that costs less than you think and delivers you a solid return on investment making you a Rockstar in your team and the bean counters.
In this post, I share 5 different video ideas on which you can spend your leftover budget which will dovetail nicely with your marketing or training strategies delivering solid ROI – which is what you want.
Culture videos
Want to give a human personality to your brand and attract some great talent to your company? Culture videos can showcase your best people, a life-in-the-day of, office pranks or even what it means to work for your company. Interview a new employee going through a recruitment process and HR can use these to promote jobs in the company. Check out this video featuring Deakin university staff talking about why they love working for their employer.

Pre-product/event launch video
Have a new product or event launching in 2017 that you’re excited about? Why not create a pre-product or pre-event video to run from the start of the campaign to get your audience excited about what’s coming? A good video will improve awareness of your brand and boost your email list. Linjer, a leather bag startup ran a kick starter campaign using this pre-launch video for new watches earlier this year. They raised $100,000 in their first hour!
Product demos/tutorials
Have a complex product coming to market that you’d like a regular person to understand? A product explainer video which can be shown at trade shows, to potential clients during presentations and even on its own landing page on your company website can greatly help boost conversions and sales.
An explainer video sharing helpful content using images, storytelling and music can communicate your message more efficiently than other traditional forms such as running a workshop or using a PowerPoint presentation.  It can be advertised on social media and has a long shelf life which means you can use it repeatedly. For example, one of our clients Siddons Solarstream needed to show and explain how their new bolt-on heat pump worked. A sketch video helped explain the product in simple terms to its audience and the benefits of buying it.

Animated videos
Think animation is just for The Simpsons? Nope. The truth is that animation has also made its way into the business world. Using cartoon characters helps in explaining your product or service, grabs the viewer’s attention and allows the viewer to retain more information and increase conversion rates.
Animation is a style of video that uses cartoon characters and whiteboard animations. They’re great for companies that manufacture complex machines or systems or businesses which need to raise funds from investors. Higher Education institutions are also embracing animation when it comes to making their students feel at home and reinforce their choice of university. Check out this animated video we made for Deakin university.

Customer testimonials
Testimonials is a powerful tool when it comes to customers choosing who they want to do business with.
A few well-filmed testimonials can add massive credibility to your business and give you repeat business. Why not use your leftover budget to create a few powerful video testimonials either from your biggest customers, partners, students or even employees? Use storytelling to tell viewers exactly why they choose to do business with you, overcome any objections new customers might have and reinforce why you’re the right provider. Use real customers not actors and be specific about what problem you’ve solved and what benefits were realised. An example of a testimonial video we made for Deakin university featuring students.

According to Dimensional Research, 90 percent of respondents in a survey who remembered reading positive online reviews said it influenced their buying decisions.  Combine this with the power of visual and you’ve got a winner!
There you have it, 5 different video ideas to bring up at your next meeting. Think creatively and make content for your audience which entertains and informs them too. Creativa can help with video strategy, creating and distributing your video – talk to us today on how we can help you make some great videos for your organisation.

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