5 Innovative Digital Ideas to Spend the Last of Your Marketing Budget Before June 30

May 14, 2014
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With June 30 less than two months away, it’s time to get a little creative with your marketing budget. And why not push the boundaries a little bit and invest in a few innovative digital ideas you may not have implemented before?
Listen – we’re not at all talking about spluttering away your funds on random ‘out there’ ideas that may be interesting pieces of art, but come up short when it comes to driving sales. We’re talking projects that combine a creative spark with a business perspective, both in the short and long-term. Here are our top 5 recommendations for using up your creative budget before it dissipates into nothingness once June 30 comes around.
Cut Out Presenter

Using in-house proprietary technology, our cut out presenters have been exceptionally successful when used in trade shows, open days, welcomes, shopping centres, and retail stores. If your event changes, the video can be tweaked to accommodate the new occasion.
What really ‘sells’ with the cut out presenter is that it adds a unique and personal touch to your company. Despite people knowing it’s just a video, the right strings will nevertheless be pulled – they will feel that they’re being directly addressed and it’s the forging of relationships that drives long-term loyalty from customers.
Explainer Videos 

If you have a new product or service coming out in the upcoming financial year, why not add an explainer video to introduce it to an audience that needs a nudge in the right direction?
It’s a particularly effective avenue if you’re launching a product using a brand new concept that may be a little more difficult to understand at first glance. We ensure our videos get an injection of humour as well, just so that audiences bother to stick around till the end!
Develop a Character 

Having a character to represent your brand is an excellent way to add a face to your company, something that’s instantly recognisable. It will give your videos a certain air of familiarity and depending on the company, it may be a superior option compared to a spokesperson, for example.
Characters make it easier to bring across a serious message without being dull and sleep inducing. It allows you to make the video fun, without taking the gravity away from the actual message. Have a look at how we made education a bit more fun that your average book learning:
Drone Filming 

This type of video is ideal for businesses that have premises that they can show off to the world. Our drones allow us to take a bird’s eye view of buildings, campuses, or we can even go inside your factory to show off your production process. Have a look at how the Deakin campus looks from above:
Don’t you think you’d be more likely to want to study at this place, rather than a basic video giving you reasons rather than gorgeous visuals?
Drone videos are impressive and can reflect a big budget feel without the cost. It’s impossible to get this type of footage in any other way, giving both potential customers and competitors something to think about.
Create Your Own Show: https://www.youtube.com/user/rickyriotcraft

Should content marketing be what you’re after, why not consider creating your very own web show? If you’ve got a skill to share, interesting news that’s related to your business, or you simply have a word or two you’d like to get out there, having a YouTube channel can lead to unprecedented success.
Views lead to shares, awards, people heading over to your website, and ultimately an increase in customers. It allows you to reach a whole new audience, opening up a market avenue for you to tap into. Just look at what Ricky Riot has achieved, it’s impressive.

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