5 Key Decision Factors Students are Choosing Between Tafes or Universities -Blog-

June 18, 2014
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The industry of education is highly competitive. Students are looking for a vibrant, university-style campus life and it’s the responsibility of Tafes and Universities to help students decide where to attend.
School marketing departments have a crucial role when it comes to swaying the minds of potential students. Often a student has a difficult time envisioning how their educational experience will play out. The school marketing department can increase student applications with video by showing students a typical day in the life of a student at their particular educational institution. In addition, when it comes to choosing between TAFES or Universities, a student keep a number of factors in mind.

1. Choosing the Right Courses

In many cases, a potential student has an idea of their course of action. Whether a student wants to change careers completely or they want to update their skills to make themselves more marketable, choosing the educational institution that offers the particular courses that they need is crucial. If a student knows that they want pursue a particular avenue of employment but they are not sure which courses to take, the advisors can help. With guidance from the guidance department of the TAFE or university the student is considering, it can be determined if the institution meets their needs.

2. Main Program Areas

Making the right educational choice means ensuring that the TAFE or university offers the main program areas that a particular individual wants to study. This is particularly helpful for those students who are not sure exactly what they want to do for employment when they complete their education. In almost all cases, these students, though they are undecided, they still know which areas of employment interests them.

3. Locations

In many cases, students who are attending either a TAFE or a university will also have other responsibilities that they must take care of while they are also furthering their education. Having their TAFE or university nearby helps to cut down on their commute time and can make a major difference in their quality of life.

4. Employment Plans

While many people already have a job, and are seeking to position themselves well for a raise or further advancement, there is a certain segment of the population that is looking to further their education so that they can get a job immediately. The length of the programs that are offered by the TAFE and the university will help the students reach their goals in the time frame they desire. In general, a TAFE offers a fast track to employment, often with compressed classes while a university will give the student a more in-depth educational experience with a wider breadth of knowledge.

5. Technology in the Classroom & Out of the Classroom – Video

One of the most important aspects of choosing an educational institution is how technologically advanced they are. Given that the world will continue to become smaller as technology continues to become more advanced, it is imperative that the students of today have access to the latest in technology. While hands-on applications of concepts learned helps to cement the principles that are introduced, there are many times when such projects are not possible.
Using cutting edge techniques, such as video in the classroom, allows instructors to show their students exactly how the concept applies to the larger scheme of things. Completing this step helps students make the transfer of information from the lecture or from their readings, allowing them to see the steps in action. These same principles can be applied out of the classroom with online video as well.

Consider Using Videos to Help Students Decide:

Student induction videos can help take the guess work out of the entire process for those individuals that are considering attending a TAFE or a university. Creative use of video gives potential students the ability to envision themselves as students within the TAFE or university.

Example 1: Campus Tour Videos

Leveraging a campus tour video, students and their families can virtually visit a university or TAFE without any expense or travel time. These videos can redefine your university tour experience. Rich media, video content and 3D panoramic views are some of the features typically included in a campus tour video.

Example 2: Building Connections with Students

And finally, producing video content that helps students and their families on their decision making process. These videos can not only steer students in the right direction and reduce anxiety but they can also build a real caring connection between students and educational institutions.

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