5 Product Animation Videos to Inspire You

October 3, 2014
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Product animation is riding high at the moment – some videos are so creative and fun in their own right that they end up going viral, appealing to a wide audience even if the product advertised is only suitable to a tiny niche market. Product animation videos are powerful, convert extremely well, and can be used for a variety of purposes. For your viewing pleasure, we’ve highlighted 5 product animation videos that can inspire you in your own campaigns.

DropBox for iPhone Explained in a Nutshell  

This company is an absolute master at creating engaging videos that convert. In past articles, we’ve highlighted how Dropbox created an explainer video that boosted conversions by a staggering 10%. This animated video follows that same template, using attractive animations to show how the application can be used with your iOS device. It’s an excellent use of product animation to show off a new feature in an easy to understand manner.

Chromebook Connectivity

Even the almighty Google knows the power of animation. In this video, the new Chromebook is the star of the show. In this case, animation provides a low-cost way to go back in time – you’ll even get a flashback of that awful noise of your modem connecting to dial-up!

What we like about this video is how in less than one minute Google manages to effectively show how Chromebook stands out from the rest. It goes over pretty much everything you can do, how it solves your problems, and how the product can be used in different situations. Not a bad effort in 56 seconds!


This is quite a nifty find (if we do say so ourselves!), as it’s a product animation video for Pinterest before it was famous. You realise that they’ve done a good job with their video when the animated description matches exactly what the product actually offers.

And that’s a trick you’re going to have to master when creating your own animations. It’s easy to get lose sight of the point of it all, paying more attention to the creative aspect than the business side of things. But you should always remember to keep this question at the forefront: what’s your video trying to achieve for your business?


We’ve all heard of ‘the cloud’ but most of us don’t leverage the power of it all. And that’s because it’s very difficult to wrap your head around the whole thing. Sticking to Word, Excel, and email seems a tad easier.

Enter Box. This all-action service allows you to collaborate, share files, and securely save your documents without worrying about your hard drive going kaput. The animation used in this video allows Box to effectively explain how the system works without frying the viewer’s brain.

What is Groupon? 

Groupon is now a household name, but it was once a fledging business trying to make its mark in a competitive space. Many people weren’t even sure how the process worked – and that’s where this explainer animation video came in handy.

It’s quick, simple, and attractive. It highlights the USP and how the company manages to get the massive discounts they advertise. The ad is just 30 seconds long, which shows just how much you can pack in with a well-crafted animation.

Product animation can be used by large businesses with a proven track record, quirky start-ups looking to explain their cool new products, and even local companies advertising ‘bog standard’ services such as IT repair and plumbing. These 5 videos show that product animation is a large arena where there’s no single angle – you can literally sell anything using animation, a well-crafted script, and a healthy dosage of creativity.

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