5 Ways Super Funds use personalised videos to get more engagement and improve NPS

September 15, 2014
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In today’s busy world achieving consumer engagement can be challenging for everyone. Super funds face an even harder challenge. There are no bills to pay and the reward can seem so far-fetched that getting members to read a digital or printed newsletter, or even a statement, can be close to impossible.

We know that members are more likely to engage with simple personal messages that contain no more, and no less than the exact information they need at that moment. We also know that they are less likely to interact with hard to understand generic ones. Plus, consumers love to watch online video with its immediacy and ability to communicate complex ideas quickly and easily – it is one of, if not the most, compelling communication mediums.

So what if we could combine these members’ love of online video with a delivery mechanism that enables us to personalise and tailor that video content to each specific viewer in your audience?
Sound impossible?

Not anymore thanks to Personalised Dynamic Video – a new innovation in the way we use video to engage viewers, gain their loyalty and improve on their retention of key information and improve your NPS.
Before I go on explaining, why not take a look at our short showreel presentation on Dynamic Videos so you can get a better handle on the capability of the technology:

Dynamic video is perfect for a range of campaign styles and strategies. Here are just a few examples of how Dynamic Video could work for your fund membership:

  1. The Personalised Welcome Pack Video – A great way to welcome your new customers or clients to your fund by giving them all the essential information they need to know in a personalised way which makes them feel like it was made just for them. This video can contain all of their specific information, their initial balance and information on how their needs will be met.
(Reference image only, video is private)
  1. The First Bill / Statement Video – Getting members to read and understand their statements and the importance of them can be challenging. So why not captivate them with a video statement that contains all the details of their actual first bill or statement combined with important information to help them understand the statement.
(Reference image only, video is private)
      1. The Personalised Campaign – Engage your members like never before by giving them a personal reason to watch the communications you send and drive them to more direct action. Take a look at this example we recently produced for our client Vic Super:

  1. The Special Moments Video – Whenever a customer or member has a special event in their life (birthday’s etc), why not acknowledge it in a personal way and at the same time add value to your members by developing a new level of member intimacy which will lead to greater loyalty.
  1. And finally the master of all Dynamic Videos – Member Video Statements! Forget about your members having to read them on paper. Deliver them a statement they can consume in one minute or less with all the information they care about, that they can watch anywhere, anytime and enjoy in a personalised and engaging way! Then add in any additional information that suits their specific needs to help your members grow their investment and retain them forever!

Creativa have made Dynamic Videos a reality thanks to our Creatify Technology which allows us to produce any of the examples mentioned above (and many… many more). We’d love to talk to you about your specific needs and tailor a Dynamic Video solution to meet it.

Find out more on our Dynamic Video page!

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