6 Mistakes Companies Make When Producing A Video

August 13, 2013
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When a company finally decides to take the plunge and invest in video, that’s one small step for the communications or marketing area, and one giant leap for the business. This is when the real decision making begins, and it is key for those in charge of the production to choose the format, idea, script, message and ultimately, the right partner to produce the video that will suit the business perfectly. Of course things can go wrong… Nobody really knows how wrong things can go however. So we thought we’d share some of the most common mistakes organizations can make when producing a video, so you can learn how to avoid them.

1. Looking for all the bells and whistles? That’s great, but hang on- what was the message about?
Yes, we know what’s hot right now, what trends rock and what style is in vogue. That does not necessarily mean it will make your video the coolest though. Just because you loved a certain video, it does not mean that style will be the best fit for what you are trying to communicate. So go past the bedazzlement and keep in mind, if pimping your video up will actually convey your message the right way.
2. Step it up, and own it.
Video sometimes works as the best channel to communicate a certain type of idea, product or service. For example, if you need to explain something new; that can be confused with something the audience already knows. By using animations, graphics and cartoons you will open viewers’ minds to the new concept. While telling that same concept in person may lead them to think that they already understand or they already know.
3. Find that match made in heaven.
With one or plenty of concepts in mind, be sure to find the production company that is right for you. This means finding a company that ‘gets you’ and won’t give no for an answer. Sometimes the production company may have a limited offer of video styles and may find a solution to fit your concept to what they can do, but that may not necessarily be the best possible solution for the challenge.
4. Time may not be on your side.
Now that the concept has been approved and you’ve met with your dream production company, there’s a timeline both parties have to work by. Producing a video may take a bit longer than what you expected. Why? The back and forth of corporate approval and the company’s feedback sometimes can be the main reason the project starts to fall behind. It is important to never underestimate the amount of time the back and forth can consume.
5. Involving the right people at the right time.
In some companies, every step of production has to be approved by a committee. In others, the approval power relies on few people, that is, until the video is almost done, and then the Director has to give the final approval. Only, the director hates it. So it’s back to square one, and it’s a nightmare of delays and budget overruns. Before any decision can be made, make sure the right people are involved in the right moment of the process.
6. It’s not about what you have, it’s about what they need.
Many companies tend to make the video about what they have to offer, when in reality, it should be about what the viewers need. There’s no space for ‘me me me’ here, you need to make it all about ‘them them them‘. And they will love it. Always remember to add the call to action at the end of the video. What’s the point if there isn’t one?

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