6 Steps For Setting Goals For Your Video Marketing Campaigns

July 6, 2014
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Many agencies make the mistake of trying to make their videos the most visually impressive, full-stop. They don’t think about the why, which can make even the most stunning production a dud in terms of return on investment. While we’re all for creating jaw-dropping graphics, a pumping beat, and a compelling story, we always ensure these serve an objective. Here are 6 steps you can take to set goals for your video marketing campaigns, making your investment a sound one.
1. What’s Your Message?
Think about the message, the core idea behind your video marketing campaign. If you’re doing an explainer video, you’re going to have to take a different approach from a brand awareness campaign, for example.
2. Who is Your Audience?
Successful sales campaigns always focus on demographics. After all, a cute animation may be suitable for a certain audience, but may seem a little too playful and unprofessional for another. It’s about knowing your customer base and tweaking your campaign to serve them accordingly.
3. Analysing Your Success
When it comes to marketing, analysing the numbers is key. Measurable objectives give a realistic view of whether you’re getting bang for your buck. Evaluate your results against ROI, not just by how many views you’re getting on YouTube. Remember, compliments don’t equate to sales.
4. Available Resources
It’s always tempting to base your own campaigns on the multi-million dollar productions we see when browsing viral ads online. However, you have to work with what you’ve got. If you’re creating a video in-house or if you have are limited in time and budget then keep things a little more simple to avoid disappointment.
5. Set Realistic Goals
Your planning process won’t amount to much if you don’t set realistic expectations right from the get-go. Look at your resources, think about your message, set a budget that fits the project, and don’t let the marketing campaign become bigger than it should be.
6. What Will Success Bring You?
Success can mean different things to organisations. Are you trying to get an increase in Facebook likes, subscribers on YouTube, or just cold hard sales? Think about what your number 1 aim is and ensure you’ve got the resources to handle the results.
Remember, you’re not competing for views on YouTube, you’re aim is to communicate a message to an audience and if the video does that effectively and entertains at the same time this may be the success you need. If the first video was a success, you can always build on this in the next one.

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