7 Ways to Recruiting Top Education Talent Using Online Video

July 4, 2014
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Recruiting top talent is no longer just the practice of visiting job fairs and posting want ads to the local newspaper. With the integration of the Internet into the modern recruiting, there are additional methods for locating and attracting top talent. While online postings for jobs can prove effective, one of the very best methods for recruiting top education talent is through an online video. You can tell more in a two minute video than you ever can in a large blog or images. You just need to know the top ways to recruit talent to your school or university.

Brand Yourself

The problem with many schools advertising for talent online is the potential employee does not know what the university is all about. They can read about the requirements or background of your educational institution, but in terms of actually understanding the school itself, no blog or online posting is able to properly demonstrate this. By branding your university through an online video, you immediately dictate the kind of company you are. You might want to showcase yourself as a more laid back, t-shirt and jeans institution with more freedom in the workplace. Other times you might want to go for a more professional look. It really all comes down to your school and how you want employees to truly see you. There is no better way to attract top talent then to inform them of your particular brand and style.


Job descriptions online are a bit flat. Most read the same, and while for different jobs and titles, the basic elements of all jobs come off almost exactly the same. A job seeker does not want to go and work for a large, drone-like institution, where everything is bland and the same as every other job. After all, if every job reads the same, why would top talent select you over someone else? With an online video, you can personalize the job description and give an actual face to the TAFES or university. You can excite individuals and make them want to apply for the position.

Social Media

Social media is more than just staying connected with friends and family members. Through social media, you can grow your school, stay connected with your followers and inform them of new information. Posting your online videos to the social media accounts can work in two ways. First, it informs your followers of an opening, and second, a well produced video that puts a face on your company can entice more individuals to come and purchase products and services from you.

University and Educational Culture

While the personal touch places a face on your educational institution and shows what your facility is about, you also want to present a window into the school and showcase what it might be like to actually work for the business. You can detail the benefits of the institution and actually show this on the video. Perhaps you have a daycare center on site or a gym or are on a beautiful, large property. You can showcase what coming to work everyday is like for your university, so possible applicants know what to expect. It also excites them into wanting to work for you.

Stay Up to Date

You always need to keep your online video up to date. From style worn by individuals on camera to what you showcase, if your video appears dated, your school is going to appear dated, which does not attract top talent. If you have new technology on campus, a brand new food court or anything else, you want to include this. It does not mean you need to reshoot an entire video, but instead just cut in shots of the new products into the video itself.

Know Your Audience

You need to know how to reach potential job seekers. While posting videos to your website and social media work, it is not going to reach everyone. You need to know the demographic of individuals looking for your job (or who you want to apply for the job). If they are likely to view certain websites or online video content through Hulu or YouTube, this is the perfect place to advertise your job opening and make sure individuals see your video.

Have Fun

Most importantly, you need to have fun. If the individuals on camera look stiff, the entire work place looks stiff and fake, which is a turn off. Just stay loose and enjoy the video experience.

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