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August 13, 2012
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In recent years businesses and corporates have truly begun to understand just how effective and important corporate video can be to the success of their organisation. The best companies have really harnessed this medium and they recognise that corporate video is crucial for delivering value at all levels of their business.

Here are 9 key ways in which businesses boost their success by harnessing the power of corporate video:
Staff training/instruction and safety videos
As CEO or upper management, dealing with lots of different departments and staff when rolling out new policies means that the message you’re putting out needs to be accessible and direct. Smart businesses create engaging, unique videos to distil their messages into meaningful and entertaining videos. It means that everyone can get on the same page and that strategies are rolled out fast and efficiently.
Company promotional/brand videos
Companies that do well tell their story well. Through corporate video, the story of your company and brand can be expressed and communicated to the imagination of the target audience directly. Showcasing your brand in an engaging and entertaining way, this can easily flow on to short-term business, as well as growth and success in the long-term.
Investor relations / financial results
Typically, the financial end of things can run a little dry for an audience. However, your shareholders and stakeholders need to know the financial ins and outs. Here’s where corporate video production has the power to spice up something stale into something so much more engaging. Video allows you to tell the ‘numbers story’ with engaging graphics, animation and accessible video techniques.
Video role play
This is a great way to get your staff thinking about the best possible practices and methods. Real life role play can be effective, but video role adds another dimension to the learning process, boosting the versatility, knowledge and efficacy of your staff. This helps to produce greater morale, work-life satisfaction and thus, greater efficiency and long-term results.
Client and customer testimonial videos
There’s nothing quite like the direct positive experience of another human being as a way to convince your potential clients about the benefits of your products and services. Through testimonial videos, future clients learn why your business is best, direct from those who know.
Corporate event filming
Perhaps your business is planning a conference or a new product launch. These events are milestones in your businesses history. Smart businesses understand the importance of documenting these events visually, to tell and re-tell staff and clients about them. This creates greater brand strength and helps generate long-term business success.
Live and on-demand webcasting
We live in the digital age where audiences demand faster, more responsive media. Offering your audience access to on-demand and live webcasting sets your business at the leading edge of web-based communication. This can have a flow on effect to brand perception, your status in the marketplace, your ability to keep telling the corporate story, and of course, to generate ongoing business and long-term financial success.
Technology and product demonstration videos
If we haven’t demonstrated it already, communication is king in all facets of your business. But this is especially true when delivering important information about how your products and services actually function. Smart businesses deliver product demos in the most streamlined, effective way possible using corporate video!
Business (interview &) television style
The best businesses in competitive areas know how important it is to generate a brand conversation and further to that the TV format can work really well, especially when it comes to engaging an audience. Packaging your product and service information into a web video production talk show for example can easily appeal to a wide audience, while gives you a versatile platform to converse directly with your future customers.
Video Production offers a world of possibility to all facets of your business. Find out more about how to boost the long-term value and success of your business from a company that knows. Call Creativa on 1300 901 858.

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