A simple way to boost your online marketing efforts

September 12, 2012
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So your business is up and running, you’ve laid out a solid online marketing plan to get the word out and generate sales. Your website is live and visible to the public and people can find out about the great products and services you’re offering. However, it’s one thing to have an online marketing strategy in place, another thing to make sure it’s working and drawing as much attention from your market segment as possible.
Successful businesses today understand how the use of online video can maximise traffic to their site, get more and more people finding out about their brand, to spread the word and generate more and more sales.
As we mentioned in previous articles, web video can be the glue that sticks the various areas of your marketing strategy together, in order to create a dynamic, streamlined marketing mix.
Web video shows its benefits in spades—it’s affordable, effective, versatile, a powerful tool that you can use to your businesses’ advantage at every turn:
Here’s a brief run down how video can aid every part of your online marketing mix:
SEO – Did you know that Google rates Video content surprisingly high and in most cases a website with video will rank above a similar website with no video. Video results also feature in Google search giving you multiple opportunities to be discovered by potential clients.
PPC – If you have a video landing page waiting on the other end of a Pay Per Click campaign, you are much more likely to be able to engage with and guide the interaction of the potential client, than if their click went straight to your website. Unless you have a very clear call to action on your site you risk losing the click you just paid for.
Social Media – Let’s be honest Social Media is all about sharing and there is no more sharable format than video. Images do rate quite highly but these tend to be more for entertainment than business. With a video made specifically for a social media platform you are much more likely to get brand interaction and sharing.
Blogging – Video Blogs, who hasn’t seen one of these? It sure beats reading… he types guiltily. Video Blogs are great for sharing a simple idea or for building value in the mind of your client base with clever or useful content. The great part about these is the relatively low cost versus return.
With a little thought and some great strategy, you could start using web video as early as tomorrow to support your online marketing efforts. Why not give us a call, we’d love to help.

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