Adding the flair to Education Induction Videos…(Not like every man and his dog)

July 16, 2015
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If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that information is much easier to absorb when it is delivered in the format of an engaging induction video, as opposed to a long, dry text based document. Or a wet one for that matter…
A large portion of our work over the years has been dedicated to producing great content for the Education industry and to lovingly bring such videos to life. Whether they be in the style of screen capture demonstrations; animation, or a live action demonstration; we love adding a creative flair to help the viewer retain as much information as possible and to make sure that as a client, your message is delivered loud and clear.
I know what you’re thinking – every man and his dog promises to pump out an Education video with what they claim to be “flair” and “panache” and “engaging”. But let me put this to you: can that man and his dog really claim to reach people on the level they promise? And would you really trust someone who keeps a dog as an employee?
At Creativa we don’t employ dogs, it is company policy. We do have strong results though and currently work with a large number of clients within the Higher Education industry. By taking the approach of transforming boring old thick text documents into creative video content, students and teachers alike have been able to remove themselves from the burden of boring training inductions- and inject some fun into what can otherwise be somewhat dull exercise.
Let’s look at “The Big Picture” and “Unistart Personal Journey Compilation” as examples, 2 videos produced as part of a larger series of videos for the Deakin University UniStart program. The idea of the series was to address the confusion and panic that is often prevalent during students’ first few weeks at University and to help make their Induction process a little less daunting.

The videos interviewed and showcased a number of current students and educators from Deakin who shared their personal experiences of beginning University, what they wish they had of known through their induction phase, what tools they have found useful and how they have evolved through the development of their learning experiences.

Using actual students who casually addressed the viewer with their own stories, personal tips and advice, the videos have been an effective and positive way for students to feel at ease and that they are not alone; whilst offering guidance and a sense of confidence for starting at University.
That’s what we do at Creativa. We look for the human element in all our Education projects, a way of connecting with people so they are prepared to take in the information we feel they need to know. Give us a call or drop in any time! It’s safe, there are no dogs.
Of course if you want to see a dog, perhaps we can arrange to meet in a pet store? We’re flexible like that.

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