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November 23, 2012
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Sometimes called whiteboard videos, video scribing or hand drawn videos, a sketch video is simply a style of video named, surprisingly enough, because the images in the video are drawn, sketched or revealed as part of the video.
Sketch videos are unique because they don’t necessarily involve animation, in most cases the visual element simply reveals an image as the voice over describes a scenario. It’s in the creation of this image that the real connection with the audience is achieved. How many of you have watched and marvelled at a sketch artist as they create a picture like magic right before your eyes?

The key to creating successful sketch videos however is not in the image at all, it’s in the planning. A script for a sketch video needs to work within the format. For example in a sketch video it is very difficult to cut, so if you want to migrate from one concept to another visually, you have to find a visual link to make this possible. Another potential payoff with sketch video is the final image reveal, it is a familiar tactic with sketch video creators to show small segments of a larger montage and then pull out at the end to reveal the full image.

Not all sketch videos need to be hand drawn and filmed. There are several hybrid styles that allow a clever web video production company to integrate the features of video scribing into more traditional animated videos, effectively giving you a sketch video feel with the ability to cut, pan and animate certain elements.

When used effectively a sketch video can be an incredibly effective and engaging tool, it is very sharable and often companies choose this style to convey or explain difficult or boring (but necessary) topics to clients or staff in a way that keeps them paying attention.

Below are a few examples of sketch videos that Creativa have produced for our clients. You can jump on our YouTube channel to see more. See if you can pick which ones were hand drawn.

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