Animation Is the Hottest Trend in Content Marketing as We All Work From Home

Animation is the hottest trend in content marketing as we all work from home.
Ewan Roxburgh
April 21, 2020
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Animation has become the hottest trend in content marketing as we all work from home. Why? Well, it’s just a little tricky to crack out the camera and shoot live-action video right now.

Government regulation has sadly ground live production to a halt. Although it’s not impossible – we’ve got some policies in place that could make one happen – a lot of shooting on some of our favourite TV shows are on hold. It’s made life difficult for content creators and marketers alike, forcing people to adapt.

But what can continue unabashed? Animation! Working mostly from a computer, animators are expert social distancers. They can work on animation remotely or from home with ease and efficiency, collaborating easily with their fellow creatives. They can deliver your content marketing projects whilst staying safe.

Of course, that’s not just it. Animation is a fantastic yet underutilised storytelling medium. Animation is totally unrestricted. If you can draw it, you can do it. You can go anywhere, bring life to any character and make big ambitious projects a reality often a lot cheaper and easier than live-action.

It’s a beautifully visual medium, and one with a lot of range too. A variety of styles are available to suit the nature of the project and your budget. Whether it be 2D or 3D animation, hand-drawn or computer-illustrated, there’s no shortage of aesthetic options.

As TVC’s head of creative content solutions Alex Black said in this brilliant article on The Drum, animation is “a wonderful format that allows us to tell complex stories, which might not be very visually interesting, in a simple and engaging way.”

As Alex Black notes, “because many of the familiar options such as live-action interviews or films are now much more restricted due to COVID-19, we’re seeing more brands are open to giving animation a try.” More than ever, we’re seeing more animated content online and on TV. Animation really has become the hottest trend in content marketing as animators carry on working from home.

Getting started is easy! All an animation studio like ours would ask is that you have some idea of the message you want to share, and who you envisage the audience as being. If you’ve got a particular animation style in mind too, fantastic! Otherwise, we can give you some options.

Our animation department is still in full swing. If you’d like to explore your options, get in touch!

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