Are American Web Videos any good? No, they're F***ng Great -Blog-

Ewan Roxburgh
March 27, 2012
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This is a great Video from the US that you may have seen doing the rounds on social media. But why is this so effective?
This simple video cost just $4,500 and was written, acted and produced by Michael Dubin the owner of the Dollar Shave Club. Admittedly Michael studied improv and sketch comedy and this greatly added to the smooth flowing style and comic timing of the piece, but there were no special effects, no celebrity endorsements and really (apart from the guy in the bear suit) no frills. Was this just a case of a slow week on the internet or is there really something special about the video?
Of course the Video is entertaining and there is no other medium that will allow you to convey as much information in as short a time as video, Imagine you received a brochure, email or even visited a website that said word for word what you have just seen. Most of us would struggle to make it to the end of the page, no matter how entertaining it was.
But is there more to it than just entertainment value? Of course there is, this video also addresses a need and solves a problem. It clearly outlines how to overcome the issue and speaks directly to the consumer in a language they understand.
As I get to the bottom of this blog I realise that I probably could have said all of this much better in a Video and so could you. So why not call Creativa today and see how we can help you promote or educate with Video, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune and clearly it can do amazing things for your Business or Brand.

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