Why your Average Video Company Doesn’t Get Video Marketing

June 23, 2014
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Being able to churn out gorgeous productions that look the part don’t instantly translate to a good marketing video. And that’s why so many well-intentioned campaigns go horribly wrong. Agencies in general just don’t quite ‘get’ video marketing –  Here are some common mistakes that cost clients big money!
One Video for Many Platforms
One of the purported advantages of creating a video for the online space is that it’s versatile. In other words, you can plonk it on your homepage, annoy your friends on Facebook, and Tweet till your fingers go numb. However, you should steer well clear of video marketing agencies that try and sell you this plus.
Each and every successful marketing video is created with a specific purpose and audience in mind. It’s also built for a targeted channel, tweaking the content to serve that platform best. Remember, a shoe doesn’t fit every foot – or something – you know what we mean!
Measuring what matters
Has it occurred to you that measuring views is not actually measuring your success? For starters, did you know you can easily buy views off the web for next to nothing? YouTube do not even rank videos based on views, they rank based on engagement! This means if your video agency expect you to be impressed by getting you views, you are smarter than this.
A very specifically targeted video may never be intended to have a large number of views, but if it targets the right people and it resinated well with them, you are still running a successful campaign.
The important take away is, gauge your success metrics, establish accurate measurement methods for these metrics using Analytics, and consider these results more than just the views you get.
Just ‘Putting it Out There’
Throw something against the wall and hope it sticks. Spray and pray. No matter what you want to call it, going gung-ho with your video and trying to spread it all over the Internet isn’t a good use of your time.
Video marketing is about measurable and targeted results. You want your video put in front of an audience that’s interested in your products and services, not just random strangers or teenagers trawling the net for viral videos. It may get you a few views, but conversions will be near 0%.
And Now for Some Stats
Getting your video marketing right is important – and that’s not just us talking, it’s the stats. The cold-hard numbers tell you that neglecting your video marketing campaigns is the same as flushing money down the toilet.
Landing Page Videos Increase Conversions by a Jaw-Dropping 86%
We’ve long been against the use of nasty sales letters or the dreaded ‘wall of text’ on a company landing page. But it’s not just because a video is more aesthetically pleasing or more interesting, but also because it’s a more effective medium that simply converts.
In fact, research from SocialMediaToday has found that landing page videos increase conversions by an incredible 86%. That’s right, simply adding a targeted message can close to double your conversions instantly.
By 2016 Two-Thirds of Mobile Data Traffic Will be Video
Videos are not just for trade shows and not even limited to the traditional desktop computer. With increasing data bundles being offered by providers, the average punter is now streaming videos while lounging on the couch, while commuting to work, or while relaxing before bedtime. And these numbers are only going up, to the tune of 66% of the world’s total mobile data transfers originating from videos by 2016. How’s that for a chunk of the market?
Considering these numbers, videos can’t be ignored or treated with fuzzy tactics with no real basis. Videos need to be more than works of art or quirky virals that will get plenty of hits – they also need to be focused, targeted and measurable, and with the purpose of leading to increased conversions.

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