Guess just how many national awards have found a new home at Creativa this year?

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February 15, 2016
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As the founders and directors at Creativa, both Miguel and I spend a great deal of our days promising and delivering to our clients innovative videos that produce better results and coaching our team to strive for greatness while constantly improving on what we do every single day.
During the year we all get excited and gain a great deal of energy from our clients’ feedback and love, but since the core definition of innovation is “introduction of new things or methods.” it is inherently hard for us to objectively benchmark our own work to make sure we are on the right track.
This is why I couldn’t help but dropping one (or maybe two) tears last Tuesday while watching the AVPA awards presentation and realising that our work was not only recognised by our clients but also by our most experienced colleagues and peers in a highly competitive selection with over 160 entries.
So it is with a great deal of pride that I would like to announce that our 2015 videos not only won 8 categories but also had been recognised in an additional 7 categories as finalists.
To all our clients, I want to make it really clear that we could not have done this without your trust and support, we owe it all to you. THANK YOU!
To the Creativa team. you guys ROCK!


Here is a run-down of our honour list!


WINNER: Unisuper – Member Statements


WINNER: Creativa – It looks like we’ve got the best Showreel in town 😉

EDUCATION & TRAINING – (over $10,000)

WINNER: RMIT – Repository

EDUCATION & TRAINING – (under $10,000)

WINNER: Monash University – Study Tips


WINNER: Monash Health – OVA


WINNER: Latrobe University – Welcome 

ONLINE COMMERCIAL  – (small budget)

WINNER: Dashcord 


WINNER: Deakin University – Burwood Campus Timeline 

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