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July 31, 2012
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When we first started thinking about putting together a Corporate Show Reel it seemed like just another thing we had to do, like having a website or sending a newsletter. All video companies have one, and is usually simply a concatenation of the best parts of the best looking videos they have produced. The problem is that we believe in ROI and videos with purpose and that is something the traditional show reel would not be able to convey.

We began to think about our target market, where the show reel would be played or seen, and the best way to get our message across. We obviously wanted to show the market what we were capable of, but we also wanted to create a product using tools and a budget that was within most of our clients reach and expectations.

So we planned and we scripted and we decided that the best way to achieve exactly what we wanted was to combine all the different styles of video we are capable of producing and tie them up around our message, and for all the reasons I have discussed previously, greater reach, greater active engagement, use across more locations like trade-shows, we decided not to use a voice over or presenter.

The resulting video won “best corporate showreel” at the AVPA awards and we’re proud to say it has resulted in some great clients and even more great work.

To see the power of a great web video for yourself, just click on the play button below.
(Yes we know there are some spoken testimonials there… we were just hoping you would’t notice ;-p)

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