Beauty in every form – Trending Video Pick of the Week

March 19, 2015
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Let’s make this short & sweet. The trending topic today is Beauty. Beautifully illustrated stories and aesthetically appealing videos that are hot and trending this week. Hers is our number one pick from the hottest beauty filled videos that are trending around the globe.
This video is about, well… .beauty. It follows a series of very successful videos titled “100 Years of Beauty” where we see different models representing particular cultures, who are then transformed with hair and makeup in the various styles that replicate each era of the last 100 years.

100 Years of Beauty: Episode 4 Korea

Personally, I love the way the video uses time lapse to present the transformation and it is pretty cool to see how styles have changed through through only hair and makeup over the past 10 decades. And of course, the styles changing means much much more than just the face of beauty.
What is even more interesting, is that in just 1 day, this video has already received close to 4 million views! The first video of the series, 100 Years of Beauty: Episode 1 USA, has received almost 22 million views in less than 3 months.
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If you take a look at the YouTube channel of Cut Video who produced the series, you can see that not only do these videos generate millions of views, but all of the other videos on their channel also have a great following – it is likely that a large chunk of that audience has come from watching the 100 Years of Beauty videos.
This is a great example of if you produce just 1 successful video that hooks the audience – chances are, your next video will reach a similar level of engagement, views and shares, as those viewers who loved your first video just cannot wait to see what you do next. As long as you keep producing interesting and appealing content to maintain the engagement and excitement of your audience, you could end up a bonafide YouTube star!
Or better yet – you create a series of successful videos showcasing your company and what you can offer – and you have an audience of loyal followers. Win – Win!

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