Brands are still missing the point when implementing their Online Video Marketing strategies – The Home Timber & Hardware Case

November 17, 2011
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I received today a great email from Home Timber and Hardware where they were encouraging customers to submit their own DIY training video production. What a great idea! get some user interaction, free content to post on social media and fill their YouTube Channel, great social media sharing potential and free loyalty testimonials, all in one shot.
So I visited the channel to see what they were doing and that’s when it hit me, all the efforts of producing videos and getting videos uploaded were totally wasted.. well not totally as they could be using them on the website, but it was painful to see all the potential of free publicity from YouTube thrown down the board due to poor research and lack of optimisation.
It wasn’t such of a surprise as last week when reviewing the Bunnings Channel I found exactly the same problem. But this time I decided to run a 5 minute research for one of their videos – yes it only took 5 minutes, which is way shorter than the time is taking me to write this post-. So this is what I found:
The video I reviewed is:
It has been up for almost 2 months and despite coming from such a known brand and being a good quality video it only had 135 views (we can argue that the style is not the one I would recommend for these type of videos, but that’s another whole post on its own).
Now I am not all for viral videos, on the contrary, it is all about getting relevant views that can generate ROI, but hey 135 views on that topic – seemed a bit low..
So I checked the title, description and tags, and it did look like poor optimisation so I run a quick search for their exact video name on YouTube, and I found that the video was ranking #21… for its own name!..
I decided to use my old friend, the Google Keyword research tool, to see if there were better keywords to optimise this video, rank better, and get more potential customers to watch it, not only on YouTube but also on Google, and this is what I found:

Keyword Global Monthly Searches Local Monthly Searches (Australia)
diy staining a deck 0 0
how to oil decking 22200 5400
how to oil a deck 27100 5400
how to stain a deck 110000 2400
how to paint a deck 49500 1600
staining a deck 49500 720
painting deck 12100 480
deck maintenance 8100 390

As you can see on the table above, the keyword they are using as they core keyword had nothing to do with how people are currently typing when searching for that content, and therefore the video will never get the amount of views it could get if properly optimised.
It is clear in this case, that people don’t search for “staining a deck” but for “how to oil a deck” or “How to stain a deck ” so instead of targeting 0 searches and getting a handful of views, they could be targeting thousands of searches and getting thousands of views.
Being a video that is nothing but good valid content that obviously people search for and care to watch (more than 15,000 combined searches in Australia on just 5 keywords) means that if they could manage to rank it properly they could not only be getting better exposure on YouTube but also be ranking 6 & 7 on Google on keywords such as “How to oil a decking” which undoubtedly are potential customers for the brand. (see image below)
how to oil decking Google Search results
So what is the lesson here?

  • It is a good strategy to focus on producing videos targeting potential customers in the research stage of their purchasing cycle.
  • If you are looking to generate views and get exposure from your videos, it is important to do some research first and find out which videos are worth making.
  • It is really important to optimise the videos properly to avoid wasting your efforts.

All this said, WELL DONE Home Timber & Hardware for taking the initiative, being creative and taking Web Videos seriously on your overall online marketing strategy.


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