Building Personal Connections through Video – Expedia Case Study

July 23, 2015
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We understand that using real people and sharing real stories in your video marketing works well to connect with the audience. But how can you use these real life experiences to effectively promote your product or service whilst also creating a personal connection that resonates with the audience? Emotional and personal storytelling is nice and all, but does it achieve your primary objective?
Online travel site Expedia found a gap in the market and launched a brand campaign called “Find Yours.” The campaign incorporated numerous videos featuring real people sharing their stories of how travel had personally influenced, inspired or even changed them. The key message of this ongoing campaign? Expedia wanted to communicate they understand the essence of why people travel and that travel provides real, personal and sometimes deeply emotional experiences.
“Find Your Understanding,” engages an emotional connection instantly as we follow the journey of a real family. This video works because it shares the message that travel can have the power to change your perspective and open your eyes – it can strengthen our relationships and repair broken ones.

In “Find Your Strength,” we are taken on a journey with a recovering cancer patient as she shares her raw and emotional story. Through her courage we, as viewers, are reminded that travel has the power to be truly transformative.

This approach to video can work for any industry, for example with City Councils – show real people and share their stories to create awareness and increase the support within your community. Or for Education, interview current students and share their study experiences to engage prospective students. For Corporate and Finance industries, why not share a personal background story to increase the connection in your typical Testimonial and Case Study videos?
Expedia successfully leveraged the power of video through the eyes of real people and their real stories. This emotional storytelling removes the usual structure of travel booking and instead, communicates the emotional journey and extraordinary life-changing, personal experiences that travel can expose us to.

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