Why Your Business Needs Video Marketing In The Digital Age

January 23, 2017
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It’s a brave new world out there, and the technological landscape will continue growing and changing as time goes on. Embrace the digital age and have fun with it! There’s so much to gain.
Gone are the days of placing wordy print ads. Today’s forward-thinking businesses know that video is the way to go, and social media is where you can reach your audience. According to Business News Daily, social media users love video, and “it’s one of the best ways to raise brand awareness and engage customers and clients.”
Here’s how to start.
Know your platform. Facebook has the largest number of users, while Snapchat still has the potential to allow businesses to reach a niche audience. Micro-video apps like Instagram’s new video sharing app allow viewers to catch short video clips that play as they scroll through their feeds. It’s important to tailor your content and strategy to each individual site.
Become an SEO pro. The times are changing, and search engines are keeping up. Video content is moving up the ranks in SEO as search engines realise how much attention videos are gaining from viewers. Strategically use keywords in your video that will communicate your brand and boost your standing in SEO rankings for that particular term.
Device and conquer. More and more, people are checking in from their phones, tablets, and other devices. Smart phone users are often looking for a quick answer—possibly as they debate a purchase—and watching a brief, informative video gives them the information they seek much faster than wading through pages and pages of FAQs.
For instance, consider this fun animated video for Kegstar. It quickly and simply demonstrates—in an easy-to-watch way—the benefits of the service and why viewers should choose Kegstar.
Connection is key.  As the world becomes more digitised and automated, people are hungry for emotion, storytelling, voice and values. Video brings high-tech progress together with old-fashioned human touch.
Consider Evian’s Baby campaign. It’s effective because it goes back to basics: Humour and the adorableness of babies.
The digital age present remarkable opportunities for marketing. If you want to learn more about how to capitalise on it, let’s talk. The possibilities are endless!

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