How Campus Tour Videos Influence Undecided Students

July 28, 2014
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When recruiting new students, you should not underestimate the power and importance of a professional campus tour video production. Campus tour videos are becoming more popular, especially in funneling in undecided students, and the reasons are many.
Video Influences Students and Parents
Visual content is more important than ever today, especially with the rapidly increasing mobile market. Students and parents alike can be impacted by an “infomercial” tour of your school because you can control exactly what they see and hear. This gives you the power to put your best foot forward and get to the next stage of the selection process. Students will likely want to know more about student life and dorms while parents will be interested in safety, security and education. You have the ability to produce separate campus tour videos for parents and students to address these individual concerns.
It Saves On Time
Campus videos tours not only save time for the students and parents, but for the school as well. Allowing students to get a visually appealing, narrated tour of the facilities at the click of a button ultimately saves everyone time.
It Limits Expenses
Campus tours can be expensive for everyone involved. Families need to make plans, book flights, book rooms and/or incur fuel expenses. With a virtual tour, they can pre-qualify your school before adding those expenses. Since they have pre-qualified themselves before making a physical visit, it increases the odds of the sincerity of those on-campus site visits.
Video Allows You to Better Share the “Experience”
You can fill a full color brochure with beautiful, artful photographs or create an online slideshow but nothing compares tor the power of a well-produced campus tour video. A video tour allows you to share the fun, emotional and educational experiences available at your school. Videos give you the ability to:

  • Show how your school uses technology in action
  • Let viewers see actual students and teachers interacting
  • Display the excellence of your sports programs
  • Give tours of dorm rooms and other accommodation options
  • Display the best what the nearest town has to offer
  • Provides a platform for the Dean or Chancellor to address prospective students
  • Allow famous alumni to participate

Videos are Accessible Internationally

Your campus tour video is visible from almost everywhere in the world. This gives you the chance to reach a wider audience than ever. You can even create narrations in different languages to help make your potential international students and their parents feel more comfortable.
Improve Your Chances of Getting “Pre-Qualified” On-Campus Tours
Not only will your campus tour video increase your chances of making it though when students narrow down their choices, when the time comes to make an on-site visit you know they have already had the ability to see the campus from a video perspective. You will know that if they schedule an on-campus visit, they have liked what they have seen so far and are taking the next serious step in their selection of a school.
Choose the Light in Which Your School is Viewed
Your video can be shot at a time when it looks its best. Showing your school on bright sunny days is certainly more helpful than an on campus visit in the cold and rain. You can choose to show your campus as a center of activity, or a serious, quiet institute of higher learning. If your budget allows, you can show aerial views or add other special effects to help your school stand out.
Drones Provide Dynamic Views

Today, video equipped drones can not only provide exceptional views of your campus, but they can capture extraordinary close-ups of building exteriors and even amazing shots of large interior spaces. An excellent video team with the appropriate drone can provide world-class views that would be previously too expensive to include.
Why You Should Decide to Create a Campus Tour Video Production
Video is a powerful way way to convey your message and you can control every aspect of that message. It saves on time and expenses from both the student’s and school’s perspective. It will help you share the emotional experience your campus provides, and you can deliver it in a multi-national way. The investment you make in a well-produced campus tour will pay dividends for years to come.

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