Can videos really improve your SEO?

May 13, 2013
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Let´s face it, videos have become a driving force in the marketing and digital media world. And they should be used as a technique to drive customers to your website and to make sales. An in-depth study by Forrester in 2010 found that a page with a video on it is 53 times more likely to achieve a page one result on Google. So the short answer to the question about them improving your SEO is… yes.

Now, it is not that easy, of course. Because it takes more than just a video; this is just one piece of the puzzle. A good video won’t solve all your SEO issues. If your page is not ranking at all, then do not turn to film for salvation. Still, the truth of the matter is that Google loves videos and one on your site can give you more brownie points.
It has been proven that potential customers only spend a few seconds on a website before they decide if it fulfils their requirements. With video, products and services are immediately introduced without the need for the visitor to read through pages of text, making it much more accessible. A popular and engaging piece will rank better, adding, again, more SEO value… imagine if people watch that video from beginning to end… its engagement and relevance in Google would be massive!
When your objective is for your company´s website to have more traffic and more exposure, then sometimes it is better to go ahead and create content videos targeting questions from potential clients. If you are aware of what audiences want to know and why they are reaching out to the Internet for answers, then just give them what they want… in video form. And allow them to find the video first, add value to the company, position yourself as the expert on the matter and then drive them to the company´s website.
So, back to the initial question. Having an optimized video on your website will bring amazing results; therefore, videos can absolutely boost your SEO!

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