A Successful Case Study with Court Services Victoria


In the wake of the royal commission into family violence, Court Services Victoria sought a creative partner to help develop and deliver online training to support court registrars working in family violence around the state. Collaborating with their learning designers, Creativa sought to create effective, engaging content to import into their learning management system (LMS). Given the complex nature of a registrars' work, a collaborative and nuanced apporoach was required to understand the challenges they face and produce the eLearning content.


The project called for a blended approach with a variety of content.

Beginning with a live-action dramatisation highlighting the purpose behind the training, a combination of live-action and animated interactive video aimed to emulate real-world scenarios and facilitate decision-based learning.

Interactive video and branching narratives invited the trainee to make decisions, selecting options on screen with varied outcomes. The intent was not to present incorrect answers, but demonstrate a range of scenarios registrars might experience.

Animated explainer videos and interviews with subject matter experts completed the package.


Production required robust collaboration amongst the entirety of Creativa's team. Our live-action crew, scriptwriters, creative driectors, editors, animators and technical experts worked closely with the learning designers and subject matter experts to carefully piece together the modules. The result was an award-winning combination of interactive video, interviews and live-action dramatisations that were then integrated with Court Services Victoria's learning management system.


"We are so grateful to have found the Creativa team. Their professionalism, creativity and compassion has meant the development of our family violence training resources project has been supported every step of the way. The communication between their team and ours has been prompt and clear, and their crew is a delight to work with."

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