Create a database of training resources for professionals working in family violence prevention and support.

We collaborated closely with Court Services Victoria from the beginning, immersing ourselves in the material and considering what media type would be best suited to what subject matter.


What would be best suited to live action drama, an animated explainer, or a dynamic, interactive, choose-your-own-adventure video?

After scoping the work, scripts were drafted and carefully edited to ensure the information presented met all guidelines and requirements.

Twenty hours of interviews with subject matter experts were recorded for maximum learning and retention. Several learning modules had interactive elements.


Production spun off into two groups: live action and animation. A team of designers and animators went to work developing a brand-appropriate style, storyboards and then the videos themselves.

Our scripted live action sequences required a week of shooting, a dozen actors, including children, and a full crew. Production was carefully managed to accommodate schedules, technical requirements and the needs of the cast.


"We are so grateful to have found the Creativa team. Their professionalism, creativity and compassion has meant the development of our family violence training resources project has been supported every step of the way. The communication between their team and ours has been prompt and clear, and their crew is a delight to work with."
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