Amid all the uncertainty of 2020, businesses have been looking to adapt their practices, relying on innovative digital solutions to take the place of people led events and activities.

193 Nissan dealers required training and product knowledge for the launch of the new Nissan Juke in June 2020. Face-to-face delivery was almost certainly off the table.


Creativa produced an interactive 360° virtual tour of the Nissan Juke, complete with immersive hot spots which included additional content relating to the car's features and unique selling points. The experience was user-led, allowing sales people to navigate through the VR world at their own pace, in self-isolation and at a time of their choosing, enabling maximum flexibility for sales staff during these unusual circumstances.


The experience created a wave of excitement ahead of the launch to allow sales staff to dive into the detail of the new Juke without needing to be present for face-to-face training. We ensured that we managed the longevity of the video by uploading a copy to the internal training portal, so it was not only a one-off experience but a resource that Nissan could repurpose for new employees and annual training.


"Myself and the rest of the training team are very happy with the end result and have been really impressed with the speed, dexterity and communication from you and your team"

Ed Trinh, National Manager – Dealer Training

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