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Video Pick of the Week – For All Star War fans!

By | Cool Videos News & Press

Last week the epic new trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens was released. The reaction of the Star Wars fans was so big, it added an estimated $3 Billion…

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Beauty in every form – Trending Video Pick of the Week

By | Cool Videos Online Video Marketing Video Production

Let’s make this short & sweet. The trending topic today is Beauty. Beautifully illustrated stories and aesthetically appealing videos that are hot and trending this week. Hers is our number one…

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Trending Theme for the Top Ten YouTube Videos of 2014

By | Cool Videos News & Press Online Video Marketing

We all love a ‘Top Ten’ or a ‘Best Of” list, so we have been looking at the most viewed and shared videos of 2014. Whilst the lists vary slightly according to…

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Happy New Year! DIY Personalised Company Video to Share with Clients & Friends

By | Cool Videos Online Video Marketing Technology Video Production

A Gift for You – New Year’s Corporate Video! Fill in the form below and receive an email with your very own customised video ready to be shared with clients, colleagues…

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How a 3-Minute Video Went Viral, Increased Sales and Traffic by 14,000% In Just Two Weeks

By | Cool Videos Online Video Marketing

WREN, a thriving but relatively niche clothing and accessories brand based out of LA, has always tried to push the boundaries by using the latest marketing techniques. As such, videos…

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Producing Videos For Things That Don't Yet Exist

By | Cool Videos Video Production

Myth: You can’t produce a video for something that doesn’t yet exist.. right? Answer: Wrong. It so happens that videos are produced all the time for things that don’t yet…

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The Lays Potato Machine

By | Cool Videos

Gone are the days of hiding your company secrets, with the Internet transparency is essential and as James Tuckerman of Anthill fame is so fond of saying “The reason your…

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The Coke Friendship Machine

By | Cool Videos

How do you get more people to interact with your brand? That’s a serious question for marketing people the world over. Well the Argentinians have done it again with this…

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Salta Beer

By | Cool Videos

The Argentinians love sport and when they get the chance to combine sport with entertainment and drinking well, anything could happen. Have a look at this fantastic Salta Beer promo…

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