Choosing the best video production company for your corporate or business video

April 5, 2013
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Deciding on the right video production company is a serious commitment. Why? simple: they will be shaping your company´s message and sharing it with the world; Get it right and you will end up with a powerful sales, communications or training tool, get it wrong and all you will have is a bill and video that can only be used to show the next video production company what you DON’T want your video to look like.
So, how do you sort out the wheat from the chaff? The top quality video production company you’re hiring has to deliver a memorable production for you, project the best possible business message and come in on time and on budget. You need a production company that actually knows how an online video can directly impact business or sales objectives. The good news iswe may be able to give you a hand with that decision…

  1. First of all, you obviously have to like the video samples they show you. So, don’t be shy, check out as many of their video productions as you can find. Make sure you request examples that are similar to your budget and style. This will give you the best idea of their capabilities. Tip: You don’t need to find a video that looks exactly like you imagine yours will be, but you will need to decide if the videos you see are actually effective tools for the companies that paid for them.
  2. Establish the credentials of the organization; ask for references and contact details of previous or current clients. Make time to watch video testimonials, if they’re available.
  3. Visit the production company and check out the facilities and equipment, as well as meeting the team that will work on your project.
  4. Pay attention to whether or not the video producer is keen to answer your questions and if they show interest. Do they understand your business and what makes it unique? Are they considering your objectives, ideas and needs?
  5. Make sure that there is good rapport between you and the video production team. If not You’ll never be able to pursue a positive working relationship with healthy communication.
  6. Find out their production processes, where will you need to be involved and how the review and changes will work.
  7. If you’re planning to use your video on the web, make sure your production company is up to date with the latest technology and understands the complex world of online marketing.
  8. Confirm they are shooting on a future proof format that will not become obsolete in the next couple of years. You never know when you may need to use your video again.
  9. Will they stick to the brief work with you to improve it? Do’nt forget you’re also paying for the company´s creativity and recommendations.
  10. Set a deadline and stick to it! Because even though it sounds as common sense, lots of misunderstandings can happen if a timeline is’nt clearly defined at the early stages of work.

And last but certainly not least, make sure the company is willing to go the extra mile, this is a valuable relationship and if you are serious about doing business online, you have probably already realized how important video can be for a business. There is no reason why the content you create today won’t still be a valuable resource for your company in 5 years, so it just makes sense to work with a company that can support your ideas and marketing strategies long term.

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