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July 16, 2012
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Video Production Companies—

Knowing how to choose the right one for your web video

So you’ve got a general idea about what your awesome new web video is going to look like, who your audience is and how good your website will do with the video on it. Now it’s time to consider which company is going to help you produce this thing. Selecting the right video production company is a really important move for the success of your project, and the health of your chequebook.
Of course, it’s a given that you’ll be looking for a company who can deliver the best quality video possible. But there’s a little more to consider before you dive in headfirst:
Firstly, make sure to find the company that understands your objectives and goals—if they don’t, it’s almost guaranteed that your video won’t deliver the best possible results for your business.
To help with this, it’s important to have all your objectives, goals and needs fleshed out on an easy to read page. The more you understand about what you want out of the project, the more your prospective company will be able to help you. Some questions to ask: What do you hope to get out of having this video created? What exactly do you need help with? Is your primary need to raise conversions and sales, or is it to gain greater visibility of your product, company or message? Do you want a little of everything? – whatever your objective is, you need to know it before you start producing the video in order to get the results you are looking for, you need a video strategy.
Keep in mind that a lot of companies out there will be able to create a quality, good looking video, but not all of them are as capable of delivering it to your audience effectively and to deliver the results you’re looking for. Professional web video production companies are skilled online marketers and savvy with Video Search Engine optimization (VSEO) to give your video the highest possible ranking on Google and YouTube. Thus, you get your video found and seen by as many people as possible. Make sure the company you go with is VSEO-savvy, and has the skills to pay the bills.
Next you need to know what is your budget? The price has got to be right. Make sure the production companies know what sort of resources they’ve got to work with in order to make your video a success. The most expensive video is not necessarily the most effective for your goals. Production costs can be directed to different parts of the production process. Is your money to be spent on working out the best idea, strategy and script? Or will it be spent on heaps of equipment, staff and gizmos on recording day to give you 3 extra megapixels and a 350x zoom capability?
With the right communication of objectives, goals, needs and resources, the best video production company for you will produce your video for the right price, while delivering excellent quality video, great exposure to your audience, and most importantly, an excellent return on investment. Your back pocket will thank you, as will your viewers!
So make sure you meet with prospective production companies and then ask yourself…
– Did they understand what my business is about and my objectives?
– Were they focused on results or simply looking at video production aspects?
– Are they offering a solution that will provide ROI?
– Can they deliver on time and on Budget?
To find out more about the great video production services on offer, why not get in touch with Creativa Web Videos for the next step in your next video production!

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