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June 12, 2012
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This month we shine the spotlight on two of our clients, Leba and I Select

Leba are a specialised Media Buying group based in Melbourne. They wanted to use a video to explain the complex and sometimes confusing topic of buying targeted Media for the Ethnic Market in Australia. We agreed that the best way to educate their target market would be an animated video because these are perfect tools for complex topics.

They loved the sketch style and so we developed a script. Working with Leba we were able to get a very clear understanding of exactly what they needed to convey and they were able to provide a few creative ideas and concepts along the way. The result (as we hope you will agree) was this fantastic web video below.


Many of you will already be familiar with iSelect, you would have to be Puffing Muffins to have missed their extensive and entertaining TV campaigns. Well for a fraction of the cost of getting a Hot tub or a car into the office we produced a series of educational web videos for them on the topic of Broadband. These videos employ a combination of live action and green screen animation to very effectively convey their message.

Now when you add a little optimisation and a few web video marketing techniques these simple and cost effective videos should drive large volumes of search traffic.

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