The Comic Book Style Video: A New Innovative Style to Consider

August 18, 2014
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Video is being used more and more to attract and engage your audience. There’s always going to be your traditional styled videos but what can you do to stand out once again? Look out because here comes a totally new style that is sure to make your viewers look twice. Enter the comic book style video. Only recently have video production companies been leveraging this style of video in their offerings and it’s here to stay. Learn how this new style is the perfect invitation to be creative in an innovative way.

Comic Style drawings .mov from Creativa Videos on Vimeo.
Concise, Targeted Content
Comic book style videos enable you to succinctly deliver your message. While this can also be achieved by using animation, comic book style videos are less labour-intensive and quicker to produce. Unlike videos and photos, which are hampered by the limitations of the ‘real world,’ comic book style videos are not, allowing them to deliver concise explanations.
Creative AND Entertaining
There is a lot of content out there that is entertaining. There is also a lot of content that is not at all entertaining. Comic book style videos give you the opportunity to be entertaining in a way that is short and sweet. Quick interjections accentuate emotions that are supposed to be provoked by your message while brief explanations make it easier to explain complex topics in an easy-to-follow format.

“Coke Secret Ingredient Swelter Stopper” (Coca-Cola) from Elroy Simmons on Vimeo.
They Make You Look Approachable
Slick and seamless marketing ploys, including videos, are the hallmark of large companies and the result of large budgets. Start-ups or small businesses that lack such generous budgets can avoid appearing like they are unapproachable by using comic book style videos. Using comic book techniques makes them feel more down to earth, believable and approachable.
Serious Subjects Delivered in a Playful Way
Serious subjects can be difficult to approach in such a way that does not bore the audience. Comic book style videos turn the concept of serious and give them a playful shot in the arm. Using this style allows you to deliver the freshness of a cartoon without the entire video disintegrating into glorified Saturday morning fare.
Unexpected and Surprising
The name of the game is to get your audience’s attention. In an increasingly saturated market, this is harder to do than ever before. Grabbing the attention of your audience by doing something unexpected makes them sit up and take notice. While you should try to tailor your videos to your audience, don’t be afraid to engage those that are atypical with comic book style videos.
Delivers Sharp and Creative Focus
The interjection of thought bubbles and drawn figures can enhance the focus of the video. While these elements of comic book style videos are some of their most appealing, they do not wrest your attention in a jarring way. Instead, they simply serve as a way to highlight the important facts that might otherwise become lost in translation during the delivery of a great deal of information.
While cartoon characters are great for many aspects of the industry, it is important to offset their delivery by balancing them with a serious message. This flexibility helps to reduce the possibility that anyone will think you are dumbing down your message. Another way to deliver that same message is to do away with the cartoon or stick figures altogether. Instead, using thought bubbles filled with the most important information that you want conveyed keeps the tone more serious.
You can use comic book style videos in a variety of different industries. Whether you are delivering a message for an educational system, striving to deliver a PSA on a boring healthcare subject or trying to persuade someone to purchase a product based on its benefits, a comic book style video is a cost-effective and engaging way to go about it

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