Create an Animated Character to Welcome (and impress!) New Students

September 28, 2015
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Are you in the Education Industry and looking for new ways to improve your new students’ experience and help make their transition an easy and enjoyable one?
Using Induction and Welcome videos is a fantastic way to engage and connect with your new students in preparation for their arrival. Communicating the key information they need to know using online video is a convenient, productive and resource efficient method.
We love the use of animation to create fun and light hearted induction videos, particularly when there is an opportunity to create a cute character to tell the story. The entertainment factor of animation naturally allows the viewer to relax and feel more comfortable with the information that is being communicated to them.
For RMIT Training the message was short and fairly simple – they wanted to welcome and help new overseas students settle in and prepare for their orientation. So we developed a super cute character to introduce the students to their new school.

Cartoon animation videos can be a powerful way to communicate your messages and to engage with new students. If you choose to use this style of video for your Induction or Welcome videos, make sure you spend some time developing the character, the persona and their quirk and traits. The character acts as a ‘voice’ or ‘spokesperson’ to represent your school, so they must also maintain the integrity of your core values, company vision and branding.
The overall aim is to give all students an enjoyable experience and the confidence that choosing your school for their education was the right choice. So however you choose to welcome and induct your students, if you continually work on improving and evolving the student experience, you are guaranteed to see your new students with smiles on their faces instead of confusion.

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